Areas of Practice

Our firm services Fresno County, Madera County, Tulare County and Kings County. Other counties throughout California are accepted on a case by case basis.  Please contact us for more information about how we can meet your needs.

Family Law & Mediation

•   Divorce Litigation
•   Divorce Mediation
•   Legal Separations
•   Child Custody and visitation
•   Child custody Modifications
•   Child Support
•   Child Support Modifications
•   Ex-parte hearings
•   Retraining Orders
•   Spousal Support
•   Spousal Support Modifications
•   Marital Settlement Agreements
•   Pre-nuptial Agreements
•   Post-nuptial Agreements
•   Failure to Pay support defense
•   Contempt
•   Failure to pay license suspension defense

Criminal Defense

* We offer Criminal Defense services to Juveniles and Adults.

•   Traffic Citations & DMV Hearings
•   DUI (Driving under the influence)
•   Driving on Suspended License
•   DMV hearings
•   Battery / Assaults / Sexual Battery
•   Thefts / Burglaries
•   Penal Code Violations
•   Vehicle Code Violations
•   Business and Profession Code Violations
•   Welfare and Institution Code Violations
•   Health and Safety Code Violations
•   Failure to pay child support
•   Stolen vehicles
•   Possession of drugs / sales / transportation of drugs
•   Possession of weapons
•   Resisting, Obstructing, delaying a police officer (pc 148)
•   And all other code violations


•   A cost saving amicable solution to separations and divorce
•   Services include assistance in filing all necessary documents
•   Assistance in reaching an agreement between the parties
•   Memorializing in writing the agreement

Probate (Wills & Trusts)

•   Wills
•   Estate planning
•   Spousal Property Petitions
•   Trusts
•   Drafting and modifications to Wills
•   Drafting and modifications to Trusts
•   Conservatorships (adult supervision)
•   Guardianships (minor supervision)
•   Visitations
•   Modifications
•   Terminations


•   Tickets and or citations referred to as infractions
•   DMV point protection
•   DMV hearings
•   Traffic court cases


•   Child Protective Services (CPS) Cases
•   Termination of Parental rights

Personal Injury

• Accidents caused by neglect, carelessness and criminal acts

Catastrophic Injuries

•  Cases involving spine, head and neck injuries
•  Paralysis or lasting disability
•  Brain injuries (including closed head injuries)
•  Burns caused by explosions
•  Electrocution and other accidents
•  Broken bones/fractures
•  Back and neck injuries resulting in partial or total disability

Car Accidents

•  Car accidents causing injury or property damage
•  Rollover accidents
•  Crashes caused by uninsured drivers, distracted drivers, and drunk drivers
•  Defective vehicle tires and other car parts as well as defective road design

Other Traffic Accidents

•  Mass transit accidents
•  Accident caused by loose cargo or driver fatigue
•  Motorcycle accidents
•  Bicycle accidents
•  Pedestrian accidents
•  ATV accidents
•  Vehicle-Livestock accidents

Product Liability

• Injuries caused by dangerous or defective products.

Premises Liability

•  Injuries on private property
•  Injuries on public property including amusement parks and swimming pools
•  Slip-and-fall accidents
•  Injuries resulting from negligent security
•  School or privately owned playground equipment accidents
•  Golf resort accidents
•  Electrical injuries
•  Dog bites

Wrongful Death

• Wrongful death is the term used when someone causes the death of another person. The death may be caused by the actions of someone or by their failure to act (neglect).
• Wrongful death is a civil action rather than a criminal action. Since the person killed (decedent) cannot file suit or collect damages, it is the family or representatives of the estate that do so.
• The intent is to recompense family members who have suffered monetarily and emotionally from the death.
• Damages can be assessed for lost wages and benefits, loss of companionship, and emotional pain and suffering caused by the trauma.


• Chapter 7

• Chapter 13

Assisted Reproduction Law

• Egg Donor Contracts

• Sperm Donor Contracts

• Surrogacy Contracts

• Confidential Reproduction Contracts