Mary M. Moshrefi

Ms. Moshrefi has represented hundreds of clients in Fresno, Madera, Tulare, and Kings counties.  Her goal is to seek justice for her clients by building a professional relationship based upon trust and understanding of her client’s needs.

Ms. Moshrefi vigorously represents her clients in the areas of Criminal, Family and Juvenile laws.  During her career, Ms. Moshrefi has represented clients in various capacities, including in Dissolution of Marriages (separations and divorces) involving properties up to multi-million dollar estates; child custody, visitation, and child and spousal support cases; juveniles and adults in cases involving traffic infractions to misdemeanors and felony crimes involving multiple strikes.

Ms. Moshrefi is named a “Rising Star” by “Super Lawyers”, and one of the “Top Women Attorneys In Northern California” and she was the President of the Family Law Division of the Fresno County Bar Association, a current and/or former member of the Fresno County Bar Association, American Bar Association, the CPDA, and various other organizations, Ms. Moshrefi with a reputation as a tough, yet reasonable attorney will represent your rights and interests with respect and integrity.

Jennifer L. Walters

Ms. Walters has years of experience in Family Law Mediation. Often times, mediation is an effective method of resolving divorces and family related custody and support issues amicably. Ms. Walters can guide the parties in reaching an agreement and assist in drafting and filing court orders to reflect the agreement.

Ms. Walters does litigate in court cases relating to Dependency, which involve Child Protective Services (CPS) and termination of parental rights. Ms. Walters having previously worked for the Fresno County Superior Court utilizes her experience to effectively and vigorously represent her clients in the areas of Civil Litigation, Guardianships of minor children, Conservatorships of adults, drafting and reviewing Wills and Trusts, Estate Planning, and Probating Estates after one’s passing.

Ms. Walters is an experienced and devoted lawyer who will represent your best interest in and out of court.

Lisa M. Horton

Ms. Horton joined the firm in 2013 as an associate attorney. She previously worked in probate law, civil litigation and estate planning. Ms. Horton graduated summa cum laude from Fresno State with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminology and earned a Juris Doctorate degree from San Joaquin College of Law. She is admitted to the California State Bar and a member of the Fresno County Bar Association.
Before becoming an attorney, Ms. Horton volunteered as a Victim’s Services Advocate for the Fresno County Victim/Witness program and interned at the Fresno County District Attorney’s office. She has acquired unique skills that make her an effective and dedicated advocate for your rights. Ms. Horton handles family law matters including Dissolution of Marriages (separations and divorces), child custody, visitation, and child and spousal support cases.

Ms. Moshrefi took the time to listen and understand what I wanted with compassion and understanding. Mary and the staff at Walters & Moshrefi took it from there. They explained the process and what to expect. The next thing I knew it they had completed the case with results better than I could have dreamed. Ms. Moshrefi and her staff carry themselves with a great deal of professionalism but with the added bonus of treating you as a person.

If the day ever comes that I need to hire an attorney, there is no question in my mind that I will return to Ms. Moshrefi. To anyone looking for an attorney, stop looking and call Ms. Moshrefi, it will be worth your time.

BY CHRIS: “The Best decision for the most important choice of your life”
If you’re reading this review, you’re trying to decide who to hire as your lawyer. Most likely you’re nervous, anxious, and extremely fearful of making the wrong decision for what will most likely become a watershed moment in your life. In my experience, I believe I wasted about 15hrs in consultations with other attorneys and about $700 down the tube doing so – and was still in the same spot. No idea who to pick.

If you add to that the 20+ hours of wasted time on the internet trying to decide amongst those with higher ratings, reviews, and Martindale scores, it just added to the stress and hopelessness of the situation.
I took a shot on Mary Moshrefi, and it was without a doubt the single, most important decision I’ve made to date.

When I consulted with Mary, I instantly could tell that she was different. Not only was she very attentive and knowledgeable about the law, she is also extremely intelligent.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Mary for an extensive period of time. She is attentive. She is responsible. She calls you back and emails you back immediately. She inspires confidence and you feel stronger when she is in the room.

If you have a weak case, or you perceive that your case is weak, she makes you feel like you can win, and then you do win. It really is that simple.

Mary Moshrefi, in my opinion, is an exemplary attorney and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Without a doubt she is a weapon that you want on YOUR side, not the other way around. In one of the most turbulent, stressful, and sad times in my life, this woman inspired nothing but confidence.

Mary Moshrefi created hope for me in my life, and then she delivered on EVERYTHING she promised me. What more could you possibly ask for?

By Paul:

I highly recommend this attorney. She is a natural! She remembers details, fights without hesitation, takes her role very seriously. I felt extremely confident with her in court. On another not, Mary is personal, has high moral values. An asset to humanity. If your a man working on custody issues, you will be more than satisfied. All these reviews I read prior to using Mary are very accurate!

By Lisa:

She understood my situation (where others haven’t), was extremely knowledgeable about the law related to my situation and desires, gave me an alternative I’d never heard of before, and gave me the answers I needed.

By: Adam’s Grama, a Trusts client

I had a previous attorney handling my trust and let me tell you, I just wished I had switched attorneys several years ago. Ms. Walters has been incredible! She is what every person wants and NEEDS in an attorney. Ms. Walters is very trustworthy. She is very professional, caring, truthful and most of all, she really cares about her clients rights and feelings. She is not like other attorneys that tell you what you want to hear, just to take your money. She really listens about what outcome YOU want from YOUR case. She will go above and beyond to make the best happen for her client. She is still handling my case and I am just amazed how hard she worked FOR ME. I have never met an attorney as sincere and open as Ms. Walters. I highly recommend her and her law firm for any of your legal needs. I have trust in attorneys again, Gracias to Ms. Walters!

By: Jason

Jennifer was my attorney for my child support case recently and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made about hiring her. She was very resourceful, dedicated, and professional when it came to questions that I needed answered regarding my case. On a couple of instances I emailed Jennifer and she responded in a timely manner and always let me know not to worry about anything and that she would take care of the matter at hand. If I had decided to go to court without any representation I honestly feel that things would of not went my way and that was due to the fact that Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and knows what she is talking about when it comes to the law. I have worked with another attorney in the past and she does not even compare to the type of service that I received from Jennifer. I have actually referred a family member to her because she did such a great job handling my case and if I ever have to return to court I would not hesitate one second about hiring Jennifer again!! Thank you Jennifer for all of your help, I really appreciate it!!

By: Ka Lee

Jennifer L Walters save my family. She gave me hope when I was at the edge of not having any. Going in crying my eyes out and she didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. She made me feel safe and comfortable talking to her about my situation. So positive to work with and I feel so confident in myself working with her. She’s always letting me know what she’s doing, and if I feel comfortable. Her and her work is very professional. All the paper work was fast, that makes me so positive that she is a serious person about her job. I’m very happy to have her as my attorney representing me. There’s no doubt about not trusting her she is great! I’m going to adopt my niece and would want her as my attorney to represent me again. Jennifer L. Walters, I owe my life.

Thank you

By: Abigale

I never once doubted that Jennifer would be a strong advocate for me – and my children. She helped me navigate a very tricky, emotional child custody case and I always knew she was looking out for our best interests. Her tireless work on my case helped lead to a resolution that works best for my children and myself. She’s quick to respond to questions and share developments. She’s also personable and easy to approach – something very important as I navigated through the custody case and then the divorce. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing legal advice. Thank you, Jennifer!

By Curtis:

Mary has put in many hours on my case and has kept me apprised through out the entire process. She makes herself available for both phone calls and face to face meetings. She is friendly and professional. She appears to be very knowledge and performed very well at our last court appearance. I am very pleased.

By J.S.:

“I sought legal counsel in October 2013 from Walters and Moshrefi regarding a delicate family matter (probate) after the death of my grandfather. My case was assigned to Lisa Horton, a brilliant staff attorney at the firm. Expecting a curt and rushed free legal consultation, I was pleasantly surprised at both the level of empathy for my situation and compassion for my case on a human level from Lisa Horton. My consultation yielded insightful, exact legal advice that gave me a good reference point for moving forward with my stressful legal matter. Being that my probate case involved my close family members, Lisa listened patiently to my background stories of family tumult with attentiveness that I have not observed before when working with other attorneys. I never felt rushed through the free consultation and was quoted very reasonable fees to handle my probate case from genesis to completion. In the end I opted not to take legal action against my family, but it was very comforting to know that I had a fighter on my side that was willing to advocate for me without setting me back financially. After the initial consultation, one full hour had passed and I did not owe a dime to the firm. As a college educated person, I was able to work with the legal advice Lisa gave me within the framework of my case and opted not to escalate my probate after considering all the facts. Thank you Lisa for providing the analytical tools for my case and thank you for your compassionate legal advice. Your demeanor indicated that you truly enjoy your job and were born to do this, and I would highly recommend this firm to any persons who are dealing with probate/estate law.